"Do Not Imitate." The mandate of Soichiro Honda echoes in the minds and hearts of everyone at Honda. At Honda, we are constantly striving to seek out new initiatives and stay at the forefront of innovation.
As an organization dedicated to the advancement of mobility, we have always targeted leading-edge technologies. From our racing spirit to our dedication to our environmental leadership, it is Honda's mission to develop forward-thinking technologies that anticipate and satisfy the needs of a future society.
The Racing Spirit:
For almost 50 years, Honda has turned to racing as the perfect training ground for both engineers and designers. According to Soichiro Honda, the pressures of racing challenges people, forces them to find innovative solutions and demands quick, accurate responses to new problems they've never faced before.
Racing is ingrained in the corporate culture of Honda. Mr. Honda always stressed that racing teaches teamwork. No single individual can bring success; racing is a group effort.
Throughout its existence, on both two wheels and four, Honda has raced—and won—at the highest levels. From the Isle of Man TT motorcycle race to the Indy 500, Honda can be found in victory lanes around the world.
Meet The Future: ASIMO
At Honda, we have always considered ourselves to be a mobility company. We started out with motorcycles, because that was the quickest way to help people get around. But as we grew, we focused on creating new dreams for our customers, and harnessing advanced technology to provide new and better mobility for people.
That passion has led us to ASIMO, one of the world's most sophisticated humanoid robots. ASIMO was created specifically to help make people's lives easier. Building ASIMO was an incredible challenge for Honda engineers, and the result of years of research in many scientific fields.
ASIMO has recently advanced from an "automatic machine" to an "autonomous machine," which means it now has decision-making capabilities that allow it to adjust to its environment. Remarkable new technology in the areas of intelligence capacity, physical capability and task-performing capability allow ASIMO to be programmed to:
A Dream Fulfilled... HondaJet® Takes Flight:
HondaJet is an advanced light business jet that breaks new ground by offering a larger cabin and luggage space, far better fuel efficiency, and higher cruise speed compared to conventional aircraft in its class.
Developed near the birthplace of aviation in North Carolina, HondaJet fulfills one of Honda's longstanding dreams to advance mobility through personal aviation. Designed as an all-new aircraft, HondaJet is the next step in Honda's legendary commitment to advanced technology.
HondaJet is transcending the standards in light jet travel. Rethinking technology to maximize performance, comfort and quality.
Redefining convention to enhance human mobility. HondaJet introduces several key innovations that revolutionize aviation performance: